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How do we begin?

A good planning of what you require is essential. Have a list of what kind of photos you will need to serve each purpose. Not all shots can be used for same purpose, do always check with the photographer on the feasibility.

The next step is to identify a style for the photos, illustrated into a concept/mood board as this will be used as the primary reference to achieve the desired outcome from the shoot. A good mood board will show the types of angles, props styling, overall mood, and lighting.


How soon can we conduct a shoot?

Usually, 2 weeks in advance notice is required to book a date due to availability, and also adequate time is needed to source or make the props.


How soon will the raw photos be edited?

Usually within 3 days to a week, unless during peak season which will be advised accordingly.


Where can the shoot be conducted?

There's no constraint to where the shoot can take place but commonly is held at a venue where the food ingredients can be readily accessed or prepared.


Is food styling provided?

The service does not include food styling, however advice will be given to enhance the dish presentation.


Can do other photography such as portraits, etc?

Yes i do, though the main focus is generally on food photography.

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